• drug Delivery systems: DDSs
  • nano-polypharmacology
  • supported ligands
  • chromatographic separations & purification
  • chirality

Drug Delivery systems (DDSs): see nanogalenix platform

We provide solutions for:

  • nano-vaccines
  • nano-theranostics
  • imaging
  • photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • RNAs/DNAs/aptamers delivery into cells
  • Smart delivery systems: see EU project SALSETH

Nano-polypharmacology : see Totipharmaceuticals platform

We develop innovative solutions for targeting multi-biochemicals pathways concomitantly

SUPPORTED LIGANDS : covalently linked – ionic immobilization – supported membranes

Immobilized proteins as for example enzymes for bioconversion (lipases, protease, glycosidases etc.)

Ligand Immobilization on silica gels or silica nanoparticles (SiNPs), metallic NPs, metal oxides

Ligand can be a small molecule (peptide, crown-ether, calixarene, cyclodextrin, aptamer) or

a bigger one as polysaccharide, antibody etc.

We can design any type of support for specific uses

For calix-[6]-arene tris-carboxylic acid, further chemical functionalization of the acidic group leads to strong affinity towards UO22+ (uranate cation) and for Pu and Am with a slight weaker affinity.

Those ligands are suitable for complexation/enrichment, separations (chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction etc.)

Chromatographic separations & purification :

We are experienced in the purification of complex mixtures as plant extracts for example (vinca rosea extracts to get pharmaceutical grade vinblastine and vincristine)

We use our supported ligand technology to develop specific chromatographic support for:

  • Affinity chromatography
  • Enantioselective chromatography (mono-cyclodextrin derivatives, polysaccharides)
  • Isotope separation (6Li/7Li by SMB using supported crown-ethers)


we develop a unique approach for the design of chiral stationary phases (CSPs)

We can provide small scale production of unichiral molecules using immobilized enzymes :

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